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  • FAX:86-513-88268219
  • TEL:86-513-1360620159

Our service

  • Manufacturer of handling tools
  • First-level network member of CNPC and SNP
  • 200 specifications in 12 types products
  • ISO9001,API Spec7K?C,API Spec Q1 & ISO29001 certificate
  • Selling domestic and foreign countries

About Us

Jinniu corporation is consisted of five subsidiaries, which are Rudong Jiebao Hydraulic Manufacture Co.,LTD, Nantong Jinniu Machinery Manufacture Co.,LTD, Nantong Jinniu Oil Equipment Co.,LTD, Nantong Jinniu Windpower Equipment Co.,LTD and Jiangsu Jinniu Energy Equipment Co.,LTD. Headquartered in Binhai new district of Haian county, Jiangsu province.

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